LOCO DICE. Time Warp 2018
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01.06.2018 (18 days ago)
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LOCO DICE. Time Warp 2018
A rare filmed performance from one of the greatest DJs at one of the greatest techno events. Enjoy this? Try Jamie Jones at Timewarp: http://mixm.ag/SH2r76 When we approached Loco Dice about filming this, we were quite certain, that the answer would be no. There are barley audio recording from his live sets, videos are even more rare. He prefers to focus on the crowd and the music instead of recording his entire live performances.We are happy that we were wrong, although it took some time to convince him!Now you have unique opportunity to see one of the most amazing festivals in the world: Time Warp from the perspective of Loco Dice.Enjoy!
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