Advertising With Clubland Online

If you are a registered charity all advertising is completely free of charge!

Onsite Advertising: 
Image banners can be in .gif, .swf, .png or .jpg formats. 
Our 2 main banner zones (1 @ the top & 1 @ the bottom of the page) are the industry standard sizes of: 468x60 & 728x90 respectively, these banners are shown on every single page of the site. 
We also have advertising spots available for other sized banners in key sections of the site as well as other forms of onsite advertising.
To see all of our advertising options available you will need to register as an Advertiser by Clicking Here, registration is completely free and there is no obligation to purchase.
Advertising costs start from just £0.30 per 1000 impressions! no that's not a misprint, prices really do start that low, you can also pay per click and per day. 

To help you get the most from the money you spend on advertising, we use one of the most advanced systems on the net, not only can you target your banners to be seen only by people from a specific country, you can even choose which regions / cities / towns to target your ad too (you can choose as few or as many countries / regions / cities / towns as you wish) which makes your impressions go a lot further, you can also choose the days and times that your banners are shown and a range of dates, plus you have your own statistics section so that you can see exactly how your banners are performing and you have the option to receive a daily email with statistics of the previous day. 
You also have the option to set a daily spend limit to help you budget for each campaign.

Order Onsite Advertising Here!

Free Advertising: 
If you're a Promoter, Club Owner, Record Label, Recording Studio, Store Owner, and would like to find out how you could get loads of free advertising & exposure for your event or business, please feel free to contact us.

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