Harlot San Francisco
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09.04.2012 (3154 days ago)
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CountryUnited States
CitySan Francisco
Address 146 Minna Street
Zip/Postal CodeCA 94105
Map View

Appealing to the more discerning after-work and late night San Francisco crowd, HARLOT provides a unique social experience in an ostentatious modern-Goth setting unequaled in the City.

The name Harlot is a nod to the City's history, specifically Minna Street where she is located. As local legend tells, the alleys of San Francisco South of Market area are named after the Barbary Coast era's famous ladies of the evening, the Harlots. Ordinarily scorned and ostracized, the Harlots of the Gold Rush days were highly respected and treated with an exaggerated deference since there were so few women in San Francisco at the time. Whenever a woman appeared on the street, business was practically suspended. She was followed through the town by an adoring crowd, while self-appointed committees marched ahead to clear the way to protect her from the too boisterous salutations of the emotional miners. The Harlots, supposedly, even had their own box at the opera.

The names Clementine, Jessie, Natoma, and Minna streets harken back to a different, wilder era. Deeply coveted and highly respected, the Harlot was admired for the services she provided during the night. Time has passed but the city's lore remains and Harlot, on her infamous dark alley, waits to please all who enter her doors.

Wanting to tie into this local history and reflecting on the area's colorful past, the four founders (Martel Toler, Nabiel Musleh, Robert Nunez, and Jacek Ostoya - all San Francisco natives) created this immaculate space to satisy their own selfish desires for the ultimate place to hang out. It is the ideal space to continue a business conversation in a relaxed atmosphere or as the evening unfolds Harlot provides a perfect venue for that special night on the town. It is a venue borne from a dedication to provide unparalleled service and world class musical entertainment in an inclusive and diverse venue.

Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo B2B @ Harlot San Francisco 2013
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