Sports Beach Café
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09.04.2012 (3320 days ago)
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Address 1138 Avenue Pierre Mendes
Zip/Postal Code13008
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Restaurant, bar , swimming pool, the atmosphere ... SportBeach is a must for good living in Marseille.

Located beachfront , the stop borely , numerous areas offer year a total change.

Around the central bar is immediately on the heart of the Mediterranean conviviality . All around, the new trend design and decoration is an expression and exhibition for contemporary artists field.

The restaurant 's young chef Alexandre Villas offers imaginative cuisine , generous and friendly . Every day its " market return " delights the taste buds without lighten the wallet card and Mediterranean accents allows him to express his creativity in combining culinary daring fundamental gastronomy.

The legendary pool, surrounded by palm trees and crossing a pontoon at the center of all eyes . Here , we know enjoy the pleasures of water without stirring beaches. Comfortable mattresses , fresh water, landscape postcard, all calls to relax ...

On the Floor , his seminar room and second terrace offers stunning sea views across the blue coast , just where the sun chose to lie .

Finally, tonight is the "spot" where are written the most beautiful pages of the night ... Marseillaise theme nights , jazz, Latin , Electro, ... the SportBeach constantly innovating to serve demanding customers the most creative evenings !

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Owner: Sports Beach CafELink: SOULFUL FULLMOON @SportBeach (Marseille)Les soirEes "Soulful Fullmoon" dEbarquent au SportBeach vendredi 06 Avril. En cette nuit de pleine lune, une pointe de folie s’emparera des lieux en offrant une vEritable identitE musicale* (que nous ne retrouvons hElas plus nulle…
3322 days ago
Escale Borely, Marseille, France
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