Amoray "Keep your head up" (Funk 3d) remix
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16.10.2012 (2499 days ago)
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Amoray "Keep your head up" (Funk 3d) remix
WORLD PREVIEW!!!!! Official music video for "Keep your head up" by Amoray from his Ep "Keep your head up" 2012 knockout Fashion Records Download "Keep your head up" Directed by: Severaino Martinez for Body Pressure San Francisco-native Amoray may be a fairly new dance music artist, but he's certainly already put in his time with some of dance music's greats as a former fashion consultant/designer for dance artists including Sylvester, Jeanie Tracy, MC Hammer, Oaktown 357 and En Vogue. Amoray's latest EP and third single "Keep Your Head Up" includes twelve remixes of this upbeat, inspirational club tune, covering a number of dance genres from some of the most talented remixers in the world. "Keep Your Head Up" proves Amoray's talent as a standalone dance music artist fully capable of attracting a sizable following of his own. Shrouded in style, class, unmistakable sex appeal, and urban swagger, the entertainment world should take note. The EP's twelve remixes vary greatly in their dance styles, spanning from nu disco to tribal, dubstep to electro-pop. The EP kicks off with a mix from Bill Williams, the main producer of the song's original version. Williams has worked on remix teams and as a producer for Enrique Iglesias, Backstreet Boys, Depeche Mode and Peter Gabriel. Other EP highlights include a disco house mix from legendary worldwide DJ Paul Goodyear, who has collaborated with disco greats like Donna Summers and <b>...</b>
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