DAVID MORALES class house set in The Lab LDN
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13.06.2017 (1559 days ago)
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DAVID MORALES class house set in The Lab LDN
A house masterclass in Mixmag's LabMore on David Morales:http://www.djdavidmorales.comTRACKLIST :David Morales:1. TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS - KRAFTWERK2. RED ZONE PT.1 - RED ZONE3. 4000 MILES - OSCAR G http://btprt.dj/1oN2kFk4. HOUSE MUZIK - RED ZONE FEAT: CEVIN FISHER http://btprt.dj/1nu4mL35. F FOR YOU - DISCLOSURE FEAT: MARY J BLIGE http://btprt.dj/SrDkbT6. LET ME SHOW YOU REWORK - THE JACKSONS7. NEVER STOP - LOUIE VEGA FEAT; DUANE HARDEN http://btprt.dj/1ig50aw8. DANCE BEATS - EARTH PEOPLE http://btprt.dj/SHmlmu9. TECHNO HEAD 2014 - KAOS10. BOMBA - D TRIBE11. NEEDIN U - THE FACE http://btprt.dj/1xxBcA412. SUMMERTIME SUMMERTIME - LANA DEL REY13. BASSLINE - GOTSOME FEAT: http://btprt.dj/1o5qLSB14. FOREST MASHUP - KAOS15. MARY MARY - CRAIG LOFT PRES. 16. THE FUNK - RED ZONE17. RICH IN PARADISE - FPI PROJECT http://btprt.dj/TzOIng18. USHUIA FINAL - KAOS19. SHOW ME - URBAN SOUL http://btprt.dj/1nu9mzw20. DM VS SMALLTOWN BOY21. NEEDIN U MASHUP 2014 22. LAZY - XPRESS 2 http://btprt.dj/SrOOw423. I'LL BE UR FRIEND - ROBERT OWENS http://btprt.dj/SHuuHt24. MOS TOOL - THE FACE25. LOVIN IS - THE FACE26. DM VS BLACK BOX27. DREAM LOVER - MARIAH CAREY28. DOIN YA THANG MASHUPThe Lab is our weekly live stream, broadcast direct from Mixmag HQ every Friday afternoon. This Friday we welcome a legend of house music, David Morales.David Morales made his name in the early 90s, renowned for his slamming DJ sets and ability to remix a track from any genre into a surefire dancefloor bomb. This led him to fame as a producer that could link the underground to the wider music industry.Growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn NYC, Morales got into DJing from the block parties thrown by the likes of Grandmaster Flowers. While most of the world clocked onto Morales for his massive hit 'Needin' You', it's important to remember he cut his teeth playing legendary clubs like the Paradise Garage and even spun at Zanzibar (Tony Humphries' legendary New Jersey joint).But the club with which Morales had the biggest affinity was New York's Red Zone. It was here his sound developed from the soulful into the more slamming house sound he became known for, and where his residency built up a loyal following.Morales has continued to DJ at the biggest clubs worldwide, but with the current interest in 90s house and techno among club kids, a new generation is keen to hear the house laid down from one of the pioneers of the scene.After The Lab, David Morales plays Night Train at Egg, London alongside Lee Foss. More info here
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