Advertising With Clubland Online

If you are a registered charity all advertising is completely free of charge!

If you are holding a one off charity event please contact us for a chat as you may also be eligible for free advertising!

Onsite Advertising:

Image banners can be in .jpg, .png, .gif or .swf formats. 
We have advertising spots available for most standard sized banners in key sections throughout the site, as well as other forms of onsite advertising including video ads, text ads (google style) and text + image ads (facebook style).
To see all of our advertising options available you will need to register as an Advertiser by Clicking Here, registration is completely free and there is no obligation to purchase, once registered you will also have the option to refer other advertisers, you will receive 10% of the money spent by every referral you make, every time they make a purchase.
Advertising costs start from just £0.30 per 1000 impressions! no that's not a misprint, prices really do start that low, you can also pay per click and per day. 

To help you get the most from the money you spend on advertising, you can choose advanced targeting options for each campaign, not only can you target your banners to be seen only by people from a specific country, you can even choose which regions / cities / towns to target your ad too (you can choose as few or as many countries / regions / cities / towns as you wish) which makes your impressions / clicks go a lot further, you can also choose the days and times that your banners are shown and a range of dates, plus you have your own statistics section so that you can see exactly how your banners are performing and you have the option to receive a daily email with statistics of the previous day. 
You also have the option to set a daily spend limit to help you budget for each campaign.

Quick Tip: If you are targeting your ad to a specific country, city etc, then your best option is to choose impressions or clicks, if you plan on having your ad shown to everybody from several countries or indeed the whole world, then your best option is to choose days as this option has no limit on impressions or clicks, great if you are releasing a new tune or advertising a global service. 

There are 2 ways to purchase advertising with us, first is simply PAYG, just pay for your ads as and when you need them, the second way is that you can add funds to your account, this has 2 benefits, (1) if for any reason you want to cancel a campaign, any unused impressions / clicks / days, will be instantly refunded back to your account and available to use on another campaign straight away if need be, (2) deposit a certain amount in to your account and receive a percentage bonus on top. 

Please Note: Due to the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices being used to surf the internet, we no longer recommend the use of Flash Banners as they will not show up on devices such as the iPad and iPhone as these devices do not support Flash!!! (you can of course still use flash banners if you wish). 
All flash banner links must be hard coded by your developer to open in a new window unless pointing to another page on the Clubland Online website. 

Stop Press: Because we know from the feedback you have given us that there are a lot of you that love using flash banners, the system we use has now added a brand new feature, you now have the option to target your ads to computers and / or mobile phones, so now if you are using a flash banner, simply choose it to be shown to computers only. 

Helpful Hint: Nobody likes to waste money & we certainly don't want you to waste money as we want you as our customer to be 100% satisfied & hope that you will continue advertising with us, so here's a quick tip, recent studies show that over 40% of all banner clicks on mobile phones are accidental, so if you are planning on having your banners shown to mobile phones we strongly suggest that when you place an order you choose impressions instead of clicks. 
You can of course use the same banner for 2 campaigns, so you could set your first campaign to display to computers only and choose clicks, and set your second campaign (using the same banner) to display to mobile devices and choose impressions, remember you only pay for the amount of clicks or impressions that you order, so you would simply split your budget between the 2 campaigns. 

Other types of Onsite Advertising include:

  • Text ads (Google style)
  • Text + Image ads (Facebook style)
  • Video ads (including Text Overlay with Link)
  • Sticky note ads
  • Page peel ads
  • Sticky ads bar

Order Onsite Advertising Here!

Newsletter Advertising:

Please contact us for more details and pricing to have your ad placed in our monthly newsletter (we also offer special discounted rates for regular & long term adverts). 

Free Advertising:

If you're a Promoter, Club Owner, Record Label, Recording Studio, Store Owner, and would like to find out how you could get loads of free advertising & exposure for your event or business, please feel free to contact us now.